Hi, this is Jiayong Ou's blog about programming and other things he deems interesting.

He's also on Twitter as @jiayongou and short tidbits of his discoveries on the world wide web are on orly.ch. There are also pages for his other online activies, how to get in touch with him, his projects and about his person.

About me

Hi there, my name's Jiayong Ou (区家勇 in Chinese; Ou/区 is my last name), a twenty-something web developer currently working for those guys.

As you might have suspected from my name, I'm Chinese, from Shunde (map), Guangdong province. I pretty much grew up in Switzerland (and holding a Swiss passport since a few years ago). In addition to German, which I consider my native language, I speak English and Chinese. While I pretty much completely forgot how to write in Chinese, I can still speak Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin.

For contacting me, see the Contact page, for my professional life, see my Curriculum Vitæ.