Hi, this is Jiayong Ou's blog about programming and other things he deems interesting.

He's also on Twitter as @jiayongou and short tidbits of his discoveries on the world wide web are on orly.ch. There are also pages for his other online activies, how to get in touch with him, his projects and about his person.

Hi Jekyll!

  • Written on Mon, 24 May 2010
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Finally arrived on the jekyll bandwagon and got around re-launching http://ou.jiayong.name with it. I've got to say it's been very nice to work with. In case you don't know jekyll: It's a Ruby gem that generates static pages from a bunch of files containing its layouts, contents and assets. Everything you see here are static pages.

This blog is intended to supplement my tumblr blog with a low noise, original content one. It focuses on software development, although I might put an off-topic post here every now and then. For the beginning, I've dragged some of my older posts with useful infos in it over.

My own fork of jekyll is based off Henrik Nyh's fork with Haml support. The source files of this blog is also on github. The contents here are under a Creative Commons by-nc license.